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Gaspari Consultants Pty Ltd 
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The "TEAM"
Our "TEAM" consists of a very skilled group of individuals who are leaders in Conflict Resolution training and management in Australia.

Robyn Gaspari
BA.JP - Director

Robyn Gaspari is the Managing Director and principal consultant and has been designing, developing and delivering training programs in Australia for the past nine years. She is the author of the VETAB accredited Conflict Resolution Competency Based Training Program. Robyn's diverse professional background in financial control, hospitality industry and hospital chaplaincy has provided a wide variety of life experience, understanding and empathy with the specific needs of the individual and groups that is evident in her training and concrete problem-analysis style. Robyn also delivers programs in Grievance Handling procedures, coaching future leaders, developing skills and confidence in team members and decision-makers.

Walter Gaspari
B Ec. - Program Administrator

Walter Gaspari is a Director and the Program Administrator. Walter spent most of his working life in the Australian Bureau of Statistics and N.S.W. Treasury Department. Walter brings his competence , research skills and precision to the day-by-day functioning of the organisation and long-term directional planning.

Claire Lanigan

Claire's professional experience includes being a chartered accountant, financial controller, general manager, project leader and management consultant. She has consulted in businesses in New Zealand and Australia for the past ten years, providing senior managers in client organisations with specialist support in: corporate visioning; strategic thinking and business planning; business restructures for changing times; managing change; developing high-performing managers and their teams; coaching future leaders; devising strategies for personal and professional development; and, designing integrated business systems to sustain their organisations' expansion and development.

Kerry Oldfield
MA.Sc.Dip ED

Kerry has inspired and guided many organisations and their people to: initiate positive change; manage the change process; and, improve performance and work satisfaction. Kerry has consulted and lectured in Organisational Learning and Change and Management Development in the USA and Australia for over 20 years. Within client organisations, Kerry's specialist skills focus on: accelerated individual, team and organisational learning; high-performance teaming; and developing future leaders.

Louise Steer

Louise Steer has practiced as a litigation lawyer for 16 years, particularly dealing with family problems. She is a writer and practitioner in conflict resolution techniques including negotiation, mediation and communication skills.

Colin Isaac
B.Ec.LL.B B.Min. Dip. Th.
Accredited specialist in Mediation Law Society of NSW

Colin Isaac regularly mediates and consults in the area of building, community, workplace, commercial and church disputes. He brings a respect for people and enthusiasm to his work.        

Steve Twyford
BA .Dip Ed.

Steve Twyford has had extensive leadership experience as a member of school executive teams in both state and private school systems. He has a particular interest in leadership and management styles and strategic planning.

Sue Johnson
Bachelor of Social Work,
Post Graduate Diploma in Personnel and Training

Sue Johnson has many years experience designing and leading workshops on conflict resolution, assertiveness, personal growth,
teamwork and facilitating workplace mediations.

Valerie Orton
MA. in Social Ecology

Valerie Orton works as a consultant, facilitator and trainer, specialising in workplace productivity and interpersonal communication skills.

Joanne Lum
Bachelor of Social Work

Joanne Lum has worked as a trainer in the areas of conflict resolution, negotiation, mediation and communication. Her experience as a social worker and counsellor provides her with a solid base for understanding people

Gillian Summers   

Gillian Summers is completing a Communications degree. She is a Registered Nurse. Her background encompasses drama training, group process work, psychodrama, conflict resolution and mediation.

Janette Welsby   

Janette Welsby is completing an Economics degree and joins the team as a trainer and MYOB expert. Her experience in accounting processes with big business allows her to specialise conflict resolution training for clients from financial areas.

Fay Drayton

Fay Drayton is Office Manager for the CRNCPB Team and her experience co-ordinating a busy school office, a family of seven children and a netball association gives her the perfect skills for working with this team.