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VETAB Accredited Courses & Work in Progress
Accredited Competency-Based Training Programs

Robyn Gaspari wrote Conflict Resolution Network's competency based training programs which were accredited by the Vocational Education and Training Accreditation Board (VETAB) in August, 1995. Conflict Resolution Skills course (Module One) is now offered as a competency based training program at ASF4 Level, which utilises appropriate learning outcomes and assessment criteria. If participants wish to do CR skills as these accredited programs, it will involve pre-course work, face-to-face training, and assessment of learning outcomes to meet the stated competencies.

This assessment includes practical demonstrations, short answer papers analysing role plays and case studies, multiple choice questionnaire based on research of the text book Everyone Can Win, and a Capstone project which draws together all the learning outcomes of the course.

After the face-to-face section of the course, ten weeks is recommended for participants to complete the material for assessment.  Participants who attended Conflict Resolution Network training programs since 1995 may apply for recognition of prior learning and will be assessed with a view to be given some exemption from all or part of the face-to-face stage of the program and appropriate post-course assessment work.

Current VETAB Accredited Courses

The Module One VETAB Accredited program, Conflict Resolution Competency-Based Training Program (65 hours) , is designed to meet the needs of participants in the work force who may not be able to complete the whole program at the same time. We have therefore, included four exit points which permit students to partially complete and then re-enrol when they are ready to proceed. This means there are four separate programs contained within the Conflict Resolution Competency-Based Accredited Program.

These are:

1. Conflict Analysis
2. Skills for Handling Interpersonal Conflict
3. Problem-Solving and Negotiation
4. Processes and Strategies of Mediation

Participants wishing to undertake the competency based training can do this in the same training program with participants who have chosen to complete the standard program. There is an additional cost for competency based training.

VETAB courses may be completed by External Study            

CRN Community-Based Projects has developed an external study course covering Module One for VETAB Accreditation at ASF4 Level. We can now meet the needs of students unable to attend workshops through time or distance constraints. The accredited
course can be undertaken in your own time as external study.

It is envisaged that additional training programs to be submitted to VETAB in 1998 for accreditation will be available as self-paced learning programs for distance education students. Proposed costs are included on the registration form enclosed.

Work in Progress

Modules Two and Three

Module Two and Threeare currently being developed as competency-based training programs and will shortly be submitted for accreditation with VETAB. These two programs have been pilot tested in 1997. This has allowed CRN Community-Based Projects to gather valuable experience and information during the delivery and from participant feedback during the formative and summative assessment tasks. The courses have been modified to implement and optimise the creative input from all parties.

Students who completed Modules One and Two in 1997 or later may be eligible to seek exemption in recognition of prior learning from part of the program.

Accredited Mediation Training Program

In response to the growing need for Accredited Training for Mediators, The Conflict Resolution Network is developing a substantial program to meet this expressed need. The writing team is Christine James, Robyn Gaspari and Helena Cornelius from CRN and two solicitors, Louise Steer and Colin Isaacs. In 1998 we will deliver a 4 day pilot program to assess learning outcomes before the program is submitted to VETAB for accreditation.

It is envisaged the duration of this program will be two years part-time study resulting in accreditation by the NSW Vocational Education and Training Accreditation Board (VETAB) as an AQF Advanced Diploma at the Australian Standard Frameworks Level 6. Anyone participating in the pilot will be given recognition of prior learning once the course is accredited.

The course has been designed to meet the changing needs of managers, supervisors and staff to be more involved in collaborative decision making, consultation, grievance handling, conflict resolution and alternative dispute resolution processes with both internal and external clients.

The aim is to provide practical skills for effective intervention when:

·  normal communication channels have broken down
·  there are differing interpretations of agreements
·  conflicts seem intractable
·  discrimination or harassment in the workplace needs to be addressed
·  diverse members of the community need to negotiate common recommendations
·  or direct negotiation between interested parties has reached a stalemate.

Expressions of Interest

We are delighted with the many expressions of interest received to date which has confirmed our belief that this program will meet identified needs of our existing and emerging client group. If you are interested in participating in this pilot program or would like more information please contact either:

Robyn Gaspari on (02) 9419 8012, Fax: (02) 9419 4305
or email:
Christine James on (02) 9905 0296

Cost of Pilot Program   $850.00

The more people that are skilled and aware of Conflict Resolution techniques -- the stronger and more cohesive your organisation will become.

Why not organise a Conflict Resolution Skills Workshop for your Management and staff.

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